Handcrafted and Made With a Little Southern Touch

How this seedling grew into a bountiful orchard.

Hi there Peaches, thanks for stopping by this bushel stand! While you're here lemme tell you a little about us. I am a dog mama to 5 adorable pups and a girlfriend to my biggest supporter. I am originally from North Carolina, but reside in Michigan. I know what you are thinking, why? Why would someone want to move from a place where it is normally extremely warm to a place where the sun doesn't shine 7 months out of the year! I moved here to be closer to family along with the opportunity of a new way of living. I have always dabbled in crafting and handmade gifts, something about putting my own spin on things just makes it feel more personal. After perfecting the basics, finding my niche and now moving onto a wide range of projects and one of a kind products, I have decided to create my own in home, personal touch business. If you have a special gift in mind or maybe even something for yourself, please take a look at my work and let me know what I can create for you! All ideas welcome. We'd love to make you something with a little Southern Touch!