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Southern Peach

Cow Tag Car Potpourri -Black and White

Cow Tag Car Potpourri -Black and White

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Your car potpourri will last for months in the package as long as it’s sealed, so if this is a gift the scent will stay intact. 

Sometimes colors will vary and not be exactly as pictured. Some scents react differently to the colorants and will turn a slightly different in shade.

Once opened:
Your car potpourri can last between 3 and 6 weeks or longer. Some scents are stronger than others and can last months! Keep in mind that in hotter months these may not keep their scent as long, as the direct sun draws the scent out faster.
** Warning **
Do not put your window screen up and place your freshie between the screen and your windshield. It will melt and stick to windshield.

Do not place on dash.

Do not set on plastic or wood surfaces. These are meant to hang only!

**Use Caution: These can melt in extreme temperatures! I am not responsible to replace your freshener if it melts and will not refund. I am not responsible for any damages it could cause. All sales are final.

** Freshies are not consumable by human or animals. You should always watch your pets and children when placing your freshie**

Care Instructions

Since it has been MADE WITH CARE, to ensure the longevity of your tumbler please HANDLE WITH CARE. how do you do that? - hand wash only - please DO NOT place in dishwasher or microwave. - do not soak in water - handle carefully, dropping can damage the integrity of your custom, one of a kind, work of art.

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